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MV1 Kimberly Dahlen Design LO13KimberlyDahlenDesign, Inc. Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc. Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc.Z1 Kimberly Dahlen Design AirBB2 Kimberly Dahlen Design Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc.Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc. Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc. KimberlyDahlenDesignOR2  Michael Lindberg Photography 2 Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc. kimberly-dahlen-design-is2 kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography1 KimberlyDahlenDesignAA1 Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc. Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc.


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From Houzz, Portfolio of Projects

An image of the Lake Oswego Residence was recently featured in an article about kitchen knife storage on Houzz!  Click on the image below for a link to the article:

LO14KimberlyDahlenDesign, Inc.