NoPo Residence

Who: A family of 4
Where: Portland, Oregon
Design Challenge: Replace the crumbling foundation and add new living space while saving the house above.
Response:  Lift the house, build a new styrofoam block foundation, create a new habitable basement.

NoPo Bungalow

Kimberly Dahlen Design  Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc.  Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc.

NoPo Bungalow  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography4 kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography5  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography11  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography6  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography1  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography8  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography9  Kimberly Dahlen Design, Inc.  kimberly-dahlen-design-spin-photography3



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